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Drama lessons for 9-12 year olds and teenage youth theatre performance courses with acclaimed drama teacher Alan Blackwood

9-12 year olds​
9-12 year olds​
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About Drama For Kids

Drama For Kids WA is offering exciting Term and Holiday workshops for children aged between nine and twelve years old.

Drama classes are at locations throughout the Perth metro area. 

At Drama For Kids WA there is only one teacher and that’s Alan himself! Trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama Alan is amongst Australia’s most experienced, acclaimed and award winning drama teachers. 

Alan has extensive experience in teaching in Scotland, here in WA and in NSW. Hundreds of Perth children and teenagers previously attended Alan’s highly respected and successful The Actors Workshop prior to Alan moving to teach Drama in NSW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the First Lesson Obligation Free?

Sometimes it’s difficult to be sure if a particular class and teacher is going to best suit your child’s needs.

Alan much prefers your child to come along and experience the first lesson of the term. If they have enjoyed themselves and you as a parent/guardian are happy – great!

You can enrol your child for the term with confidence. If, however you feel that for whatever reason it’s not for your child – no harm done and you haven’t wasted any money!

Why 90 Minute Workshops?

Alan believes that workshops need to be ninety minutes long.

This allows the child to effectively experience a wide range of drama activities each week throughout the nine-week term.

This gives the children plenty time each week to properly develop and share their own improvisations and creative work with others in the class.

What will Children Learn?

Children engage in a wide range of drama activities throughout each Term including: Drama games, improvisation, play building, voice production and speech, communication skills and creative movement and mime.

These activities allow the child to explore a wide range of personal skills including creative thinking, physical and vocal expression. The child explores these in a safe, positive and nurturing environment.

Are Classes Expensive?

Absolutely not. Quite the opposite! The cost is only $149 per term. There is a 20% discount for two eligible children from the same family (off both enrolments) and 30% for three or more!

Many children come back term after term and for those families we offer a loyalty payment of only $139 as well as further discounts for two or more family enrolments – fantastic value!

Meet Alan Blackwood

portrait Image of Alan Blackwood - Director of Drama for Kids WAAlan Blackwood has extensive experience working with teenagers. In WA Alan has devised and directed for the WA State Youth Theatre, John Curtin Performing High School and The Actors Workshop. In NSW many of his teenage drama students were nominated for or invited to perform their solo performances at On Stage, a showcase for the very best performances from across the state. Very few students received such an invitation.

Career & Teaching Highlights

Edinburgh Theatre in Education Team
Drama Teacher for Primary, Teenagers and Adults in a variety of schools & tertiary institutions in Perth, Sydney and Scotland
Special Ed experience in Perth & Scotland
WA Education Department
Creative director for CaSPA, a dynamic performing arts program for New South Wales Catholic schools
Many of Alan’s students have been nominated and accepted for the prestigious On Stage – a showcase of the very best in HSC – Y12 Drama performance and projects NSW

Term Three enrolments now open. Workshops include Theatre Games, Improvisation, Acting Technique, Play Building, Voice Production and Speech, Creative Movement. Ideal for personal development and improving self-confidence. First lesson obligation free. Fees extremely reasonable. Term commences Friday 22nd July and throughout the following week at various metro venues. alanpblackwood@gmail.com Website: www.dramaforkidswa.com.au

Youth Theatre Performance Course for 12-15 year olds

For High School Students Between Years 7 & 10

Course Outline

Students learn how to self direct a scene : block a scene : develop a character : improve acting technique : effectively use a variety of Elements of Drama.

Students work in pairs or small groups on a scene for acting practice. Most scenes are selected from contemporary theatre. The course is tremendous fun and is ideal for students who enjoy acting as well as being perfect for personal development and confidence building.

The course culminates in an EVENING OF THEATRE a performance for family and friends to enjoy. 

Course Details

Course Location

Youth Theatre Performance Course culminates in an EVENING OF THEATRE - a performance for family and friends to enjoy!

Thank you so much for an amazing Friday (Performance) night.

All the segments were acted beautifully. Heather’s dad was simply stunned by Heather’s performance!

We have watched Heather in all of her drama performances but we can see how she has thrived since being in your class. Well done Alan!

Deb Tod


Childrens Workshops for 9-12 year olds

Drama Classes For Primary School Children​

Course Outline

Our 9 Week Childrens Workshop Course Includes:

  • Theatre Games
  • Improvisation
  • Acting Technique
  • Playbuilding
  • Voice Production & Speech
  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Movement, and
  • Mime

Course Details

Term 3 Dates, Times & Venues

Developing Personal Skills for Life

Teaching is a vocation and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Furthermore in my opinion Drama is the best subject in the world to help children develop a raft of personal skills and to reach their full potential.

I have enjoyed the enormous privilege of observing hundreds of children in my drama workshops blossom into confident, creative young people all due to the power of drama.

Drama is such an effective and exciting tool for personal development. The best part of all is – that from the child’s perspective – they are just having wonderful fun! 

Holiday Programs for 9-12 year olds

Drama Classes For Primary School Children​

Course Outline

Drama for Kids WA is offering a fun-filled two full day program of drama activities for children aged between 9 and 12 (9am – 4pm). Alan promises to give your child a truly wonderful experience.

  • Theatre Games
  • Improvisation
  • Playbuilding
  • Voice Production & Speech
  • Creative Movement, and
  • Mime & Mask

Course Details

Term 3 Dates, Times & Venues

Program 1
Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July 2022
9.00am – 4.00pm 

Program 2
Thursday 14th July and Friday 15th July 2022
9.00am – 4.00pm

Course Location

St Patricks Anglican Church Hall
Beaufort St & First Ave, Mount Lawley 6050


Kitty is definitely coming back for Term 2. Your drama class is the most successful extra-curricular activity we have tried and you should know Kitty sings your praises to anyone who will listen.


In the space of one year you have turned my shy, awkward boy into a confident young man who can express himself and tackle unknown situations with self-belief and humour.

The work you do with these kids in invaluable, and your passion for your field shines through.

You are ‘one-in-a-million’ and I am so glad that we found Drama For Kids WA for Theo. Thank you.

Karelse family

Daniel and I would like to say “Thank you!” for being an amazing teacher. Thank you so much for your time, commitment, expertise and inspirational teaching – and your big heart! You helped Daniel and other students to find their wings and taught them to fly in their way. We are so lucky to have you as a drama teacher and meet you in our life. You are so valued and loved – especially by us.

Julia and Daniel

Performance night was incredible. You have created a beautiful safe and positive space for young people to be themselves. It was evident some are nervous but not fearful. You are allowing them to find out who they are in such a supportive and encouraging environment, where they demonstrate respect for each other, regardless of personality, age, gender etc. I felt like each young person involved felt like they belonged, were respected and valued.  I was aware of the positive impact of your program on Charlotte but could see the impact on all students and parents on the night. It is such a gift to all involved. I can't thank you enough.


My son had so much fun at the holiday program. He was reluctant to go at first but had a ball and looked forward to it each day. Highly recommend Alan's classes to all kids.

Vanessa Rose

Mr blackwood (goes by Alan these days I hear) by far had the most impact on me as a person out of all my teachers growing up. It's a very personal experience with him as he helps you grow and mature as a person. His light hearted nature and easy going attitude makes it easy to find common ground and actually enjoy your learning experience and have fun with it.

Adrian Betros

Alan is the most knowledgeable and passionate drama teacher i know. He has such strong rapport with his students and does everything in his power to make sure they acheive their personal best. I was so inspired by this talented man so i became a drama teacher my self. Thank you for all you have taught me. If you ever come back to sydney i would definitely send my children to 'Drama for kids'.

Nadine Hawli Chebib

Alan was a teacher who, on every occasion, went above and beyond. He is knowledgeable, caring, passionate and always wants his students to succeed and strive for their best. As a student, who went off track for a while, it was Alan who took measures to ensure I found my way again; and Drama came on top in my HSC with my solo and group projects both receiving outstanding results - and much of it is owed to Alan. I sincerely could not recommend him highly enough!

Melanie Tsibidis

Growing up all through school I was always very shy and quiet. I couldn't speak in front of people, as having people's attention focussed on me caused me a lot of anxiety. Alan Blackwoods drama lessons helped me to overcome this anxiety. I performed a monologue in front of a crowd and although at the time it was scary, I am so glad I did it. I am now much more confident, and not as shy and scared of people anymore. He is the best drama teacher anyone could have.

Linda Simmonds

I attended Alan's drama classes in my early 20's and they were invaluable, lots of fun, and great for building confidence.

Graeme Watson

Alan's classes are fun, motivating, social and above all confidence building. These are the sorts of classes that develop skills for life as an adult as well as today. Highly recommended for any and all kids.

Cathryn Adams

Studying drama has helped me come out of my shell and given me a very elite skill set to face the world and through the help, guidance, and knowledge from Alan I was able go excel in not only drama through high school but also a lot of times in life where I needed to be able to make and good impression through speaking and presenting myself! As a teacher I couldn't have had a better one Alan's knowledge on the subject, experiences, connections and coaching are second to none. Thanks again for everything Alan!

Cheston Laporte

Any child is lucky to be taught by Alan - when I first walked into his classroom, I was very shy. When I left, I was confident and had faith in my own abilities. Alan is able to connect with people of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels. In fact, it was Alan and his inspirational classes that made me fall in love with drama and want to teach. I will forever cherish the four years I spent under Alan's tutelage.

Sharee-Louise Smith

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